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About YWSP

The Yellow Warriors Society Philippines is a nationwide, community-based, voluntary health organization dedicated to promote a healthy and productive society by fighting and preventing Hepatitis B and C as major health problems in the Philippines, crashing all forms of discrimination upon hepatitis B and C carriers, and diminishing suffering from it through advocacy, research, education, and service.

Our Objectives

The following are the objectives for which this organization has been organized, to wit:

a. Educate the people on the Hepatitis B and C Virus (HBV/HCV) to avoid any misconceptions on the disease;

b. Advocate a healthy living;.

c. Promote a fair environment for all HBV/HCV carriers in the society most particularly in the labor sector;

d. Help HBV/HCV carriers who are experiencing discrimination, depression, and anxiety by providing counselling and other activities;

e. Advocate the free or low cost screening and vaccination especially for newborn babies and children against HBV/HCV;

f. Promote quality but low cost hospitalization, laboratory tests and medicines for the HBV/HCV carriers and other diseases;

g. Promote research and clinical studies on HBV/HCV and other related diseases; and

h. Support individuals, non-government or government organizations who advocate the same objective as the Yellow Warriors Society Philippines.


Types of Membership

I. Regular members - Membership in this organization shall be open to all Filipino, of legal age, wherever located and diagnosed of having or suffering from the Hepatitis B or C Virus.

II. Honorary member / Supporting member –may be accorded to all individuals not having Hepatitis B or C Virus but who in one way or another sympathize and help in the attainment of the objectives of the organization.

Process of Membership

Benefits of a YWSP Member